7C207435-D846-4560-921B-B54115DABCD4Former journalism student at Humber College with an undergraduate degree in political science at The University of Toronto, my name is Hue Pham and I am a journalist. I cover various stories around Toronto from political scandals to successful social enterprises looking to make big change in our city.

I am skilled in radio, television, newspaper, and magazine writing. I have various technical skills including filming and video editing with software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, audio editing with Burli CMS, Adobe Audition, and Audacity. I write for newspaper and magazine, with technical skill in photography and Adobe Photoshop. I have additional skill in 360 video production, in story boarding, filming, and editing.

In my spare time, I enjoy bike riding, admiring food, reading, meditation, extreme bargain shopping, drawing, and singing.

As a practicing Buddhist, I am a member of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association.